Thursday, September 27, 2012

Impossible Peak

Today started early and very cold.
We rode out with tire troubles his front and my back tire would not stay pumped. But we rode forth with gusto and mine waned 6 miles in and I sat down on the road for forty five minutes moping. The Western Spirit group riders that we've been seeing for days started to ride past, then Lucy a 68 year old bike tourer rode up. She put me to shame, so I had to go on. I started riding up the 8% grade and was 3 miles from the top when the Western Spirit sag wagon stopped for me. Noah helped me throw my bike in the back and gave me a ride to the top. When we got there we unloaded and he gave me a new tube and pumped my tire up to it's normal 55psi. It was a beautiful cold summit with lots of Aspen trees. Topped out at 9600 ft. I started riding down when all hail broke loose and rain. It was freezing and I rode as fast as I could. It was quite a pull to make it to Torrey on the two apples I had eaten, but I made it. Phil had beaten me there of course, and bought me a sandwich. We sat in front of the coffeeshop at the junction of 12 an 24 exhausted.

A nice lady named Melanie came out from the outdoor store and chatted with us awhile and told us to call Lyman the local warm showers host. I did, because I didn't want to ride just as much as when I sat on the road for awhile and that was before I rode. Phil was thinking about continuing on but we convinced him to settle down and hang out. Lyman met us there and gave us directions to his house. Turns out Lucy and her partner were headed there too so we all rode together till they decided they needed to go back for food.
When we got here I walked in singing my head off because Lyman made it sound like we would be the only ones here,,, haha. Well I woke Brandon and Charlie from their meditative naps. They are also staying and doing a mediation retreat with Lyman.
Imagine some random girl waltzing in singing, "ain't no mountain high enough! No valley low enough!" most of you know how loud I can sing. I hope they will forgive me, luckily they seem to be very zen dudes.

I have had a lot of compliments on my outfits, everyone is saying, "do you really ride in that?" they love my nutcase helmet, knee high boots, leather jacket and visor. I think you can ride in anything or nothing as demonstrated by the popularity of the worldwide naked bike ride. Perhaps they are just shocked I am not wearing lycra with all sorts sponsorships, maybe they are refreshed by it. Today I would have liked a rain jacket but leather works fine and looks more tough. If only I had my pants! I am stuck with my two skirts and bike shorts forever now. We are doing laundry and it is hard to find stuff to wear when you are washing everything. So I am really cold in my cleanest shorts and tank top.
Phil is anxious to be rid of me in Cortez Colorado but he will lose any entertainment factor his blog has.
I will be sad because he makes me laugh, and actually keeps me more more calm than I would be without him. I won't have a tent and he won't have a stove. I'd rather have a tent... I am so SOL it is ridiculous. Please keep the "I told you so's" to yourselves.

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  1. So proud of you Jennie! Pop, Lock and Dop it!