Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rode through a Hurricane!

Today we rode from St George to Zion National Park. The day started out pleasantly with some coffee and we rode through Hurricane UT. Phil takes my moods a little personally, I just didn't feel like talking. I have a lot on my mind. Also half the time, maybe most the time, he pokes fun at my beliefs. This is incredibly wearing and a huge affront to me but I try not to let it get me down.

Kate has another "non-invasive" surgery on tuesday. I really wouldn't call it non-invasive, they are going to shoot gamma rays into her noggin.
Tomorrow there is a fast for her, I will be fasting, prayer, good energy, and positive thoughts all help.
She called me and told me her woes of figuring out how to pay for it. I am glad she complained to me because it made feel silly for being worried about not having any money on this journey.

Sadly the gem and rock shop near La Verkin was closed down. My Dad bought me a really fine piece of plume agate there a longtime ago and I set in what is now one of my favorite necklaces.

Right after that is a good hill climb, which would have been a breeze.... But the cars were not giving me any room, zooming very close to me, the shoulder was 3 inches wide and gravel. By the time I reached the top I was choked up in fear, got off my bike and screamed my lungs out.

When I caught up with Phil, he agreed they came pretty close to him too. And I was thinking, •whatever, I was in the rear so they figured out by barely dodging me that there might be more bikes on the road."

I have been very upset today, yet alternately quite happy. It is a roller-coaster ride out here folks.

After that Phil stuck closer to me on the rest of the ride which I was grateful for. Beautiful scenery that my little iPhone camera can't do justice to. I think tomorrow will be grand sight seeing.

We stopped at some pleasant picnic tables next to a pick your own apple orchard where I remember stopping a long time ago. Rode to the gate of Zion where we were greeted by the most gorgeous park ranger I have ever beheld. His name was Lance Cleaver and he let us slip past without paying to see if the campground had spots. Of course it was full and he was just letting us pass because I gave him the eye and he knew I could clean up nice. I almost wanted to go back to ogle more but then I would have had to pay.

Like I said watchman campground was full but we rode around it till I spotted a bike tourer in the walk or bike in section of the campground. I rode up and told him the campground was full and that I was taking over his spot, but he could stay. Kind of like the invasion of Okinawa, but in a nice way. Yuta is from Japan and rode here from Alaska by himself. He was nice enough to give me a hot dog after I commandeered his camp space.

I made couscous which we paired with cheese and a lovely mix of greens Phil picked up. Food tastes wonderful when you are really hungry we have found. Strange combinations of food can be surprisingly good like the Graham cracker, sharp cheddar with salsa on top we had the other day.

There is a group of party animals camped next to us. I want to march over there and tell them I demand a tax of a couple beers for their flagrant blasting of ACDC at 9:30 pm on a Saturday and burning of plastic in their campfire. Alas I am too tired to get out of my tent for beer.... What am I turning into? Then I remember I am not too interested because it is most likely Utah beer. So I am off to my very important dream life.

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