Sunday, September 9, 2012

Update for a couple days

We stopped at Moccasin camp site by Don Pedro reservoir to camp which was pretty pleasant. We went swimming. Phil didn't believe I could easily start a fire so I showed him my mad girl scout skills. Then I cooked rice and vegetarian chili while he wrote his blog that contained libel against me. (The cook who was feeding him) I only had one beer btw.

Anyways. Yesterday Mel's bike shop in Oakdale was awesome. He fixed my bike brakes and tried to fix this strange clucking sound that hasn't been resolved but seems to be trucking fine. I am very glad we got the brakes sorted before the hill, watching him fix it showed me how I had been adjusting them a bit off.

We ran out of water because I wasn't looking at the map, luckily I saw some houses. Opting to not knock on the door of the "trespassers will be shot" house we metTodd, I believe his name was... I was sort of delirious for the introductions, who gave us water and some route advice and was super cool.

We met Kevin and Olgya at the Chinese Camp store over a beer. We talked about burning man and our route to Yosemite. Turned out they were staying not too far away in Groveland. We made plans to meet them for breakfast the next day, which turned into lunch by the time we got there.

The road there was only three miles but the steepest hills, my knees hate me. When we showed up I practically fell off my bike and was revived by buweiser. Never appreciated beer so much and today I drank a couple.
They cooked us a wonderful meal of bacon, sausages, bagels and a wonderful Russian cheese pancake.
We went swimming at pine lake with them, very nice lake. They were very kind to us which refreshed our spirits.

We rode from their house through Stanislaus state park to a campground called something Pines. It was a very lonely little place and we shared a campsite with a nice lady named Wendy from Ontario. She has been on an exciting journey as well, much longer than ours. We shared a pleasant dinner together.

Other things of note. Phil is patient, likes to make fun of my cursing. Got stung in the damn head, first bee sting ever in the middle of a bridge. And rode through a beautiful area called the Red Hills.

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