Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oakland Pride

Phil accompanied the Uncles Jeffery and I on Sunday to the Oakland Pride celebration. It was a nice sunny day with much fanfare. I especially enjoyed the Gay Men's choir. I got a free HIV test, turned out negative. I think there should be a socialized system for basic healthcare maybe just basic tests, luckily I was in the Bay Area where they offer free services.

It was a wonderful cultural experience for Phil. I have been taking him all sorts of places to help him experience America. I sent him into a 99 cent
store on mission to ask if they had a map. Got a laugh out of that one.

We went to a tumbleweed wanderers show after we visited the bike kitchen yesterday. The opening band Amaker Rodeo was styling and very good. It was good to see the boys from Tumbleweed Wanderers. They killed it on stage and it was nice to see them with such a big crowd.

So far the trip has been quite fun. Sprinkled with bits of interesting.

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