Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

Today we spent the morning with Ben at the coffee shop having bottomless cups of coffee. We met a 64 year old guy named Charlie who is also on tour. He seemed to have the best idea about touring, very relaxed, riding when he wanted to and taking lots of rest days. He gave me some advice on my route through New Mexico.
We had a good time all talking to each other about bike touring, I wish we were all going the same way. Michelle at the coffeeshop gave us breakfast burritos when I asked if there was any food being thrown away.
We left Escalante and rode on 12 towards Boulder. It was perfect weather for cycling and we chugged along. We came to the top of a hill and got a great view of what lay before us, canyons! We met some folks at the top on bikes that had an RV sag wagon and were slightly jealous. We blazed down the hill. Have you ever gone fifty mph down a hill with no shoulder on the edge of a cliff? I have and it is both terrifying and thrilling.
The scenery today in Grand staircase Escalante National Monument was breathtaking in two ways, the beauty and the climbs. We zoomed to the bottom of the canyon and then started the long climb out. We stopped to explore a little and ate lunch in a nice little offshoot canyon. It was a hard climb but between being in my lowest gear and walking up the steepest bits I did really well getting out of there. It was so pretty it was probably best that I took my time.
I saw a lot of falcons today, and some lizards. So many pretty flowers, including arnica. We got to Boulder Utah and we explored it a bit. The group of cyclists we ran into two days ago were just pulling into the lodge...looks like we are keeping up with them and their fancy red van pretty well. We went to a small RV spot, gas station place and the lay was really nice let us have a bunch of refills and let us camp in the parking lot. Strangest place we have camped so far. We made burritos for dinner because we love them so much, although our homemade ones were not up to par with the breakfast ones. Now it is 8:30 and I am exhausted just thinking about tomorrow's climb. So I am off to bed to get back to my very important dream life. Tomorrow we have a steep steep climb up Boulder Mountain, it's neighboring features are Impossible Peak and Deer Mountain.

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