Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Procuring Phil's Bike

Caltrain took Phil, the radish and I to Palo Alto where we sourced the freeradical from our friend Lawrence. He showed us his collected rainwater flushing toilet that was genius. I am going to make one myself. We also went to Ron's house and he sold Phil a nice bike and gave us some lights and other things.

Paul Freedman has been very helpful in getting us outfitted for the ride. He gave us pointers on what bike to get and sold us some gear that will be very helpful including some cool rock the bike cam straps. Ariel and Paul helped us figure out if we are road ready.
If you haven't checked out Rock the bike you should,

Phil and I assembled his Trek to the xtracycle at SF's bike kitchen. The volunteers were very helpful, and excited about our project. It is a really nice idea to have a place to learn about and ask questions about bikes. Kevin really helped us out and was good company.

The xtracycle office was very nice to us even though we showed up slightly unannounced. They have some really cool rigs in the shop. Including a folding cargo bike. If I haven't convinced everyone yet that these bikes are the best, I will soon. Maybe then we will see a couple pop up in Elko.

Much gratitude to everyone who helped us, we would not be on the road without your help!

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