Thursday, August 30, 2012


I have been having really great dreams that make me want to sleep forever.

In other news I met Phil who I will be riding cross country with. He is a charming intelligent lad who told me he had doubts about my sanity. He brought me candied walnuts as a gift so I forgave him for calling me a psychopath. Luckily he also wears the same size pants I do, he is wandering around SF in my favorite pants. I am lucky because I brought too much clothes.

All joking aside, he will be a very pleasant companion for this trip as long as he doesn't actually discover I am insane.

We have been looking for a touring or mountain bike for Phil to ride. Holla at me if you or a friend in the SF area has one they'd like to part with or rent out for a couple

I have to call Elko police dept. tomorrow about my M.I.A. wallet situation. Elko peeps keeping looking for my whale wallet, it's dear to me although I have given up hope on finding it.

Astronomy update!
The full moon tomorrow will be a culmination of a lot of my energies I have been sorting. It is a blue moon in Pisces, also known as the full sturgeon moon, green corn moon and full red moon.

Also, my friend Paul Freedman needs 100 comments on his video to speak at the 2013 TED conference. See link.;TEDVancouver

Comment and rate, there are upwards of seventy comments already. Do it by tomorrow when the comments become closed, or rather null.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Recalled Dream

Pedal alongside of me.
We can chat on deserted lanes,
Chase each other over rolling hills.
I've seen this countryside
From dusty burnt ridges
To the shallow standing water
Where water in spring ran;
By leaping and bounding
In a long nights dream.
Imagined two of us
Napping at high noon
Under precious little shade.
Pack your gear
Stow away water
I want to depart at sunrise.
Pedaling around saying,
"look there, and here!
Scenery I recall from dreams!"

ALLIDA 8/27/12

Sunday, August 19, 2012

ready to roll again

It has been a rough rough rough time since my last posts.
But I am happy to say I have changed the name of the blog and will soon be updating it a lot more frequently on my trip to Texas. I leave in four days on the start of a cross country pedal powered adventure.
I am very excited to ride out to see my family and make new friends along the way.