Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Show at Dashain House

Cellojoe played a show at the Dashain house student Co op.
It was a very cool show, everyone enjoyed the music and the cozy atmosphere.

Can you spot the bunny that came to the show?

They were kind enough to let us stay the night and make breakfast in the morning. I slept up on the roof on a mattress they have up there.


Location:W Canon Perdido St,Santa Barbara,United States

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Santa Barbara!

We rolled into town and met the Beau Gus jug band! They invited Joey to stand in during their weekly gig in front of the Palace Grill.

We got dinner out of the deal too and it was amazing! I had crawfish fettucini! After that Joey set up to busk and we had people dancing in the streets till 11 at night.

We decided to ride on when we rode by a legend!
Troll the Nugget faerie.
He is a bike touring, non profiteering, professional do- good-er, and has a resounding Buddha laugh.

We spent a nice evening hearing his stories. We also met a guy named Igor who hung out for awhile and wanted to help us out and bought us some vegetables! Thank you Igor!

We were lucky enough to meet Josh Ivan Stratgeo who let us stay at his house and park our bikes in his garage. He does the most awesome printing projects. He is my new wood block cut hero. He also took us out to brunch on Sunday to Esau's and I can confidently say it was the best breakfast I have ever had in my life.

On Monday we rode to Isla Vista to go to bean night, an open mic event hosted by the Rainbow coop house. It was packed full of great music and people. We stayed the night an had coffee and breakfast this morning with them. Thanks Rainbow house!
Tonight Cellojoe is playing a show at the Dashain house right across the street.

Santa Barbara has been wonderful! It is so beautiful, I wish I could bottle the smell of the jasmine blooming for you all!
I am having the time of my life!

UCSB has a built in bike culture! And beach cruisers grow on trees in Isla Vista!


Location:Sabado Tarde Rd,Goleta,United States

Monterey Co Fire Dept.

The Monterey Co Firefighters spotted me pushing my bike up the steepest part of Lorellis grade a very steep hill/ mountain.
They decided that it was a little dangerous when there is no shoulder so they picked me up. They jumped out and tried to lift my bike. They were surprised at how much it weighed and that I had gotten so far.

I was very relieved to get a ride to the top so I could cruise down the other side. We rode by the station, thanked them and got some water. It was a very kind gesture to pick me up and we had a great time chatting at the station.

Thank you Monterey County FireFighters!


Location:Bradley Rd,Bradley,United States

Friday, May 20, 2011


We rolled into Carmel last night after four days on the road. Saddlesore we lost the bike race that came through town but we did get to leisurely ride 17 mile
Road which was beautiful.

Carmel is a magic little town! We stopped at The Running Iron pizza place for some grub courtesy our lovely witty waitress Amanda Lynn. It was very tasty and we enjoyed the eccentric decorations. Here we are, the banditos and boots in the Running Iron.

After we had some Vittles we started looking for somewhere forJoe to perform. I was looking for a drink, so I led the crew to The Village Fish House. We received a warm welcome there and pow wowed around their fire pit. I met Rose, our hostess, who was very kind and gave us some fresh bread.
Her restaurant was very cool and serves an amazing local brew, Carmel Valley Blonde.

We had met a guy named Joseph yesterday who is a painter. He used to walk everywhere barefoot spreading Christ's message and we took his advice. In taking his advice we magically met another Joseph who let us camp in his yard. We also met Sabine! Who is a riot. And we stayed up late into the temperate night laughing and drinking wine with our new friends!
Thanks to all those who helped us out and gave us food to eat! Carmel is full of good people.

Also! In the morning, as in now, we are in the Wild Goose coffee house in Carmel. They were very kind and gave us some food too. The organic coffee here is to die for! If You Ever pass through Carmel hit up the Wild Goose Coffeeshop, The Village Fish House and the Running Iron.

Location:E Carmel Valley Rd,Carmel Valley Village,United States

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Magical mystical musical your update 1

I have embarked with Cellojoe on the magical mystical musical tour from SF to Los Angeles. We have been riding for two days and leave from Santa Cruz this morning. It has been a very rainy two days, but looks like clear skies today.

Christian who I met at applejacks Gave me an awesome poncho for the rain because he thought it silly to be wearing a trashbag.

We stopped at Another Bike Shop, santa cruz. For minor repair yesterday and they gave us each a beer and helped us out a lot. Pretty awesome all the people you meet on the road.


Location:Jami Ln,Santa Cruz,United States

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Honey circle farm

Awesome farm run by Ruby Turple. I bought red Russian kale seeds and calendula seeds for the San Fran garden. Awesome local production and seed saving/selling that is gorgeous.

The plant sell was so tempting that I am really glad I only borrowed 6 bucks from Heather.

Location:Refuge Rd,Nevada City,United States


It was really nice to be in Olympia for an evening. Kipchoge and the Ginger Ninjas, and Stitchcraft played in front of the Evergreen State College Library. We set up our pedal power stage and bike blended smoothie shop in Red Square.

Kipchoge and Heather gave a lecture on Environmental Citizenry, as I gathered smoothie supplies.
Many thanks to the Flaming Eggplant and the Marketplace on campus for your kind donation of apples and bananas.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Eugene's Bike Music Fest!

It was a great success! All the happy pedalers powered a great event! The University of Oregon outdoor program director Dave Villalobos did an amazing job organizing. All the music acts were spot on and the crowd was full of palpable excitement.

Friday night the Ginger Ninjas had a little practice in the UO bike barn. The UO has an amazing outdoor program where you can rent any supplies for kayaking, biking, snowboarding, camping.... Whatever you are going to do. The program
Employs students who are very helpful and amazingly good at what they do. Ross adjusted my disc brakes, Al put put my kickstand on in less than ten seconds. They were offering small fixes with mechanics on hand for free at the concert.

Fred one of our hosts at the Janet Smith co-op helped me out greatly, pointing me in all the right directions including a new mushroom cheese hor'dourves.
He introduced me to Margret who works at the UO foodservices and generously donated 150 compostable cups for the smoothies.

Sundance Natural Foods generously donated the fruit for my bike blended smoothies stand. Pictured is Dave blending his own smoothie. I set up at three different stages as the Fest was mobile. Everyone loved the smoothies and were titillated by my Fender Blender By Rock the Bike It is a very high quality piece of work and very easy to operate. Blends like magic, I threw fruit in big chunks, whole nuts and pedaled a bit to make perfect smoothies. Thanks to Rock the Bike for the blender!

Pedaling and dancing! It was a long day of super fun. The Live on Bike mobile Concert/ parade was very cool Stitchcraft crooned to passerbys and the trailing cyclists. After which I packed my bike and rode into the sunset!

Big thanks to all the people that made this event a success! Thanks for/to all the donations, support, and volunteers!


Location:E 18th Ave,Eugene,United States

Janet Smith House an the Student cooperative association.

Look at this kitchen! A Well stocked with bulk goods cooking heaven!

This cooperative houses 18 students, a dog named bruce, chickens, and a huge amount of bikes. We are so happy to be staying here in the awesome attic that has a movie projection system and huge beanbags. The beanbags are very comfortable, Heather and I slept on them last night.
It is so nice to stay in a house with this good coop energy. Today will be an exciting day! I am off to go find fruit and give heather a ride to her radio spot.


Location:E 16th Ave,Eugene,United States

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Retrofitted to go to Eugene

Eugene's Bike Music Festival

This will be so fun! I am going to be selling bike blended smoothies! Please let anyone you know in Eugene know to come out.

In other news I was riding around yesterday getting a few last minute chores done when I saw Cellojoe riding around. So I followed him. He set up to busk downtown so I used my excellent xtracycle as a lounge to sit and listen. A photographer from the guardian came by so right before he had time to snap pictures of us I was able to put on my new shirt!

My friend Steven LeMay runs an excellent store on Valencia called Retrofit where I had just had him make me a Pedalpowerkitchen tshirt. The transfers he has are pretty cool, and the shirts he uses are very nice, comfy and durable. He sells great vintage, wigs, mustaches for the hair impaired, and an assortment of all sorts. Please go by there and treat yourself to some fashion.
So hopefully my shirt will show up in the guardian.

Location:Red Oak Ave,Albany,United States

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I picked some radishes this morning from my beautiful garden and skipped along to the xtracycle office. There I traded them for a Radish!

Which comes in a box I will need on thursday to take it on the train to Eugene for their bike music festival. But it got it's virgin train ride on Bart. Which was a great opportunity for everyone on the train to ask about it. A couple people asked how I got it on the train. Well I carried it from the xtracycle office to Bart then Heather Normandale was waiting with her bike at glen park. We balanced it on the back and got it back to my house.

Assembling it is the fun part! Riding it is the exciting part!
Get your own sweet ride at

Load capacity is huge, 200lbs!
Been riding around and it is the best bike ever! Thank you so much Xtracycle, I will take good care if it, love and cherish it!

Look how much stuff Cellojoe has on his bike! It looks like more than 200lbs.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Not Such Unhappy News

The tour has been postponed till July. There are a myriad of reasons including lack of funds, lack of local support in the NW, and band members going AWOL.

At first I was disappointed, sad, and worried about what I am going to do. Then I realize this is part of the adventure.


Location:College Ave,San Francisco,United States

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rain or Sun, Stitchcraft at Viracocha April 28th

Heather Normandale and her band Stitchcraft played at Viracocha with Cellojoe in San Francisco on April 28th 2011. The show was awesome, really great venue.