Friday, September 7, 2012

First day outta the gate

Well, the universe works in strange ways. My ID showed up to the SF house then vanished before I ever got my hands on it causing much drama and discord Wednesday. Alas it was not found so we left this morning anyways. So I embarked on this journey with no money and no identification. Luckily today I made forty dollars on a piece of Jewelery that I sold at Jimmy's one stop.

It is very worrisome to not have access to my bank account and to have to rely on Phil. He has been very kind, patient and generous throughout this whole shenanigans. It is probably a good lesson to learn to be able to step back and let things be, trust, and be taken care of. Obviously I haven't been doing a good job of taking care of things myself. Or alternately when I get the reins acting like a megalomaniac with an iron fist.

But I am a damn good Bo- jangler though! I got a free turkey sandwich and two beers.

In other news, the riding has been very fun with good conversation. Passing motorists have been very nice and given the berth needed for our bikes. We plan to be in Yosemite tomorrow.

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