Thursday, May 5, 2011

Retrofitted to go to Eugene

Eugene's Bike Music Festival

This will be so fun! I am going to be selling bike blended smoothies! Please let anyone you know in Eugene know to come out.

In other news I was riding around yesterday getting a few last minute chores done when I saw Cellojoe riding around. So I followed him. He set up to busk downtown so I used my excellent xtracycle as a lounge to sit and listen. A photographer from the guardian came by so right before he had time to snap pictures of us I was able to put on my new shirt!

My friend Steven LeMay runs an excellent store on Valencia called Retrofit where I had just had him make me a Pedalpowerkitchen tshirt. The transfers he has are pretty cool, and the shirts he uses are very nice, comfy and durable. He sells great vintage, wigs, mustaches for the hair impaired, and an assortment of all sorts. Please go by there and treat yourself to some fashion.
So hopefully my shirt will show up in the guardian.

Location:Red Oak Ave,Albany,United States

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