Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Wok Shop

My Uncle Jeff Jarvie took me to the Wok Shop to purchase a Wok for my journey.The wok has been a preferred method to make delicious food of all types for 3000 years! The employees of the shop were very helpful in finding the perfect lightweight steel wok for the bike tour. The Wok Shop is located in SF's Chinatown. They were very generous and threw in a complimentary pair of the longest chopsticks I have ever seen! I recommend stopping at this shop if you are in need of a wok.

The wok will be perfect to use on an open fire and my Dragonfly MSR stove my brother James Dickenson gave me. Here I am displaying my new favorite cooking implement, and I didn't waste any time seasoning it. Beautiful patina!

We tested it with sukiyaki. You might be wondering "Sukiyaki?"
How do I make that? It is very easy! Invite your friends over and whatever they bring over to throw in the wok turns into your Sukiyaki! It is constantly changing, make it tonight and celebrate friendship it will turn out amazing.!

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