Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What I need to get for the bike tour.

What I will need for the bike tour!

Of course I need A whole bunch of cooking equipment but I will out line that in a bit.
The bike stuff I am just lost with. Everything highlighted is what I already have.

I am hoping my clothes work out. They are worn out I know but we can work it out!
This bike equipment is going to be expensive!
  • recommend either front suspension or fat tires (e।g. >2.2
  • fancy tires: schwalbe marathon or big apple
  • nice saddle. a really cool one is the brooks, but others will do. a lot depends on your butt! best is to try a saddle for awhile before taking it on a 1000 mile tour (Whether or not your bike is sponsored, everyone is responsible for getting their own comfy saddle.)
  • *less fancy tires that still rock and are way cheaper and probably easier to find: serfas drifter
  • most of us use upright handlebars (cruiser bars). Mountain bikes never come with this style bar. You have to buy it separate and install it yourself if you want it. Generally makes for more comfortable riding, and we're not going too fast so wind resistance isn't too much of an issue.
  • deore or better rear derailleur
  • prefer 36 spoke rear wheel. but wheels are most often 32 spoke. so just make sure it's a high quality wheel in either case.
  • *patch kit
  • *pump
  • 2 extra tubes
  • *multi tool (not a leatherman, a multi bike tool)
  • *rear blinky light
  • *optional: front handlebar bag
  • disc brakes are the bomb. mechanical discs are preferred over hydraulic. the preferred model is *Avid BB7. If you're buying a bike and have the option, get disc-ready wheels so that you can at least add discs at some point even if the bike doesn't have them now.
  • KickBack kickstand
  • *2 drybags. NRS Xtracycle makes the perfect one. If you buy another brand, look for a duffel style and avoid PVC.
  • 1 person (or two if you have a tent partner) Tent. Lightweight with rainfly that covers the whole tent; all quality tents have this; walmart style often don't. Great 2-person tent: MSR hubba hubba they also make a one person. You don't have to spend this much for a good tent, though. Aim for a tent that's less than 3 pounds/person if possible. This will cost extra.
  • Sleeping bag. prefer down sleeping bag for lightness and extreme stuffability. anything in the 10-30 degree range, depending on whether you're a warm or cold sleeper.
  • Blow up mat to put under the sleeping bag, eg Thermarest or similar.
  • Toiletries (tooth brush, Etc.).
  • optional: towel (packtowel is a lightweight alternative)
  • *flipflops and Shoes 1 pair each
  • *sun glasses
  • *Sun screen (but! make sure it's not going to give you skin cancer...) and Lip balm
  • Warm jacket
  • 2 shirts that double as riding and dressup
  • 2 pants that double as riding and dressup dress up!? how fancy?
  • lightweight rain jacket and pants
  • 3 pairs this wool socks
  • beanie
  • 1 pair shorts
  • 2-3 t-shirts
  • 1 pair of padded riding shorts
  • 1 set of long underwear, wool's the best!
  • 1 sunhat
  • *1-2 bike water bottles depending on how much you drink, and 1 larger 32-40 oz bottle (prefer Klean Kanteens)
  • *Headlamp
  • *plate, bowl, or combo plate/storage container (I haven't tried this one. Obviously a tupperware is cheaper and easier to find if you don't mind plastic)

Metal, wood and plastic bowls and plates are easy to find at thriftstores!

  • *spork

* Don't go rushing out to get it just yet—may be available as sponsored item

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