Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What my kitchen needs!

A big lightweight bamboo cutting board
A nice pairing knife
A big steel bowl
A wok
Two highly reflective aluminum cookie sheets
Hand and cleaning towels
A brush to wash dishes
Very long tongs
Re usable shopping bags
One all purpose measuring spoon
One all purpose measuring cup
Lightweight unbreakable big plate
Big spoons wooden or otherwise
Big lightweight pan for boiling water, soups, rice could also be a pressure cooker
A bamboo sushi rolling mat
Fuel for my stove
Sustainable natural Firesarters
Refillable lighter

I wish I could take a cast iron pan but that would be so heavy!

I am going to need some help coming up with these items. The tour starts soon and all I have is a sauce pan, a wooden spoon and a big knife!

Email me jenniedickenson@gmail.com
Or call me
(415) 297-0433
If you want to donate an item or funds to further my progress on this adventure!


Location:Justin Dr,San Francisco,United States

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