Thursday, April 7, 2011


Bisphenol A is a terrible plastics compound that is used in canned goods, plastics, and many other everyday objects. It is an estrogenic compound that has been linked with, ovary/ breast/ prostate cancer, sexual dysfunction, messing with endocrine systems, and terrible neurological hazards.
This compound was found to be hazardous yet hasn't been eliminated off the shelves! Do you occasionally microwave some water in a bottle to warm it for your infant? Then you are probably suffering from too much BPA in your brain and it has covered your neurons in a hard plastic covering, making you callous. Your child will have a lessened potential to reproduce later in life, behavior issues, and a greatly increased risk of cancer.
With the prevalence of this compound in the last 50 years, researchers had an AHA moment. They linked this compound to the dramatic increase of breast cancer. What are you doing to decrease or eliminate your consumption of Bisephonal A? Wikipedia gives a full run down, read it!

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