Monday, April 18, 2011

T minus two weeks

How exciting! My journey starts in two weeks! I can't wait! Luckily time flies whether you want it to or not.

I realized I had seen and been influenced by the Pleasant Revolution long before even knowing who they were. I saw them play in Olympia a couple years ago. In 2007 my little sister Effie showed me a video of Cellojoeperforming "fancy cars".

Kippy introduced me to Justin Ancheta and Louis "FluLou" Alexander at glen park Bart station. They were all excited about the European tour and telling us about it. I was thinking to myself, I would really love to do something like that!

And here I am with less than two weeks till I get to go on a grand adventure!

If anyone wants to help me great ready by donating some money so I can buy some gear it would be greatly appreciated!

I need kitchen gear, bicycle shorts, a comfortable bicycle seat, a rain jacket, and some misc. things.

Mucho Gracias! To Cynthia Delaney who sent me an encouraging letter, a good luck charm and a check for my kitchen gear!

Location:Benton Ave,San Francisco,United States

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