Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pre order Heather Normandale's new cd The Trembling Music of Water

Amazing new developments in the musical world of bike touring musicians! Cds! new music!
 This is a link to where you can pre order Heather's cd that is in the works.  The cd will be called The Trembling Music of Water and I have heard some of the songs, they are beautiful and haunting. I am, in fact, sure you will love it. For generous donations to the project there are prizes which are listed on the site. The coolest prize will be  a bakers dozen of vegan gluten free cookies made by yours truly.
& nbsp;Don't resist the urge to support independent rocking music and get yourself some music to cruise to.

There is a shortcut on my page to the right. This handy box also shows our fund-raising progress.

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