Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lunar Update June 15th, top 3 things to do in SF for free

 My list of three things to do in SF on a shoestring budget.

Despite being broke and never quite knowing what the future holds there are always free fun things to look forward to. Astronomical events are exciting even if you wont be able to witness them. Tonight is a full lunar eclipse that can't be seen from North America but, if I was in Siberia for this like I had planned back in 2007 I would be in for a 100 minute show of lunacy. This is the almost full moon on the rise yesterday.

Another fun thing to do when you are broke is experimental cookery. Here we have what I dubbed Magical Mushroom onion shepherds pie. We had a lot of shallots and onions, a couple potatoes from the garden some spinach, and six little mushrooms. I have a cold so I couldn't taste it but when I served it to my hungry roommates who were watching the judging portion of Chopped (timed chef battles with strange ingredients) they said it was good and didn't chop me.

 #1 San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival!!!
 This will be the best free event to attend all year in SF. I will be helping to make smoothies and ice cream via pedal power! Of course it is recommended to bring a little money dough boy. So you can tip the bands and buy some ice cream. Please read the How To participate guide so you don't show up in a mini skirt and no undies.   
What to bring? What to wear? Read up: How to participate in a pedal-powered event.  
Full Schedule:

12pm GOLDEN GATE PARK (old log cabin meadow)
12:00-12:35 StitchCraft ~ (freak folk)
12:45-1:20 Cradle Duende feat. MC RAI ~ (klezmer flamenco rock meets virtuosic Arab singing)
1:20-2:00 Evan Francis Jazz ~ (funky intelligent jazz from SF's acclaimed Jazz Mafia)
2:15-3:00 rollicking barn dance with dance caller and live old time band (old time)
3:15-4:00 Locura ~ (female-fronted latin rebel rock)
4:00-5:00 Loyd Family Players ~ (huge sound, booty rocking drum line)

5:00pm LIVE-ON-BIKE performances (bike parade)
- Opera Duets feat. Brooke Munoz & William O’Neill from SF Conservatory (opera)
- Kipchoge and the Ginger Ninjas ~ (folk rock)

6:00pm SHOWPLACE TRIANGLE (16th St. & Wisconsin)
6:00-7:00 boom boom boom boom boom! feat. Izzy*Wise (rising Bay Area world DJ)
7:00-7:45 Fito Reinoso ~ (Cuban salsa)
8:00-8:45 Sukhawat Ali Khan ~ (ecstatic booty shaking N. Indian bhangra rock)
8:45-9:00 aerial performance by Tara Quinn ~ (acrobatics/ circus)
9:00-9:45 California Honeydrops ~ (blues, gospel, New Orleans jazz, early r&b)
10:00-10:45 Ashel Eldridge/ Seasunz ~ (Oakland progressive hip hop)
10:55-11:25 Fossil Fool the Bike Rapper ~ (SF bike activist hip hop)

Come Pedal Power the original, the best, and the biggest 100% bicycle-powered music festival in world!

Stay in the Loop!
BMF website --
Live-On-Bike route 5 - 6pm (Google Maps) --
TWITTER (will be LIVE tweeted) --!/bikemusicfest


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