Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Home in Huntsville

Stealth camping at the VFW hall went well except a dog ran up to my tent and barked growled and harassed me for awhile. I chose not to bear spray it or hit it with anything and it figured I was asleep.

Jay gave me a ride to Vernon. On the way he convinced me to accept a greyhound ride to Huntsville. It was not hard to convince me as I was tired and running out of money. Jay and Marydale relieved their worry and in turn my families.

I could have kept riding along pretty happily but opted to take the easy way out. This wasn't easy for my ego, but Grandma Dee had already told me to stop entertaining it. Jay had also told me about three people on bikes recently killed by cars in the area. Also about a killer on the loose who had dismembered a girl. Just enough to tip the scales of my ego (wants to ride on alone) and practicality.

Jay bought me a steak for lunch! I was in heaven in the three hearts steakhouse. He then bought my ticket for the greyhound and the Radish will follow in a couple days. I am very grateful to Jay and Marydale for taking care of me.

On the bus I started suffering post partum bike depression. Getting worried as to what I would do without it, how I could have left my mode of transport! But assuaged my fears with the knowledge that we would be reunited.

I slept on the bus till we got to Dallas where I had a nine hour layover. The station, I figured, was the most dangerous place to hang out so I went to a park. A man came up to me while I was playing my guitar and borrowed my lighter. We got to talking and Marx invited me to his apartment to watch the new BBC Sherlock Holmes. I was happy to spend my time entertained rather than fending off the crazies at the station.

I got back on the bus headed south and arrived in Huntsville at 6am. I walked to the Cafe Texan and had coffee. Texted Kate to meet me there. They arrived at dawn, the purple pink sky heralding our reunion. Emily, Effie, Kate and my Mother picked me up. They were all quite surprised at my arrival. I got hugs, laughter, and smiles and was glad I had made it.

I picked up Kirsten from school and she was confused when she saw me, a strange woman driving the blazer. Someone or FB must have filled in Dad because he wasn't surprised to see me. Shannon was filled in on the surprise as well. They were still glad to see me.

Today was Emily's seventeenth birthday. I picked the girls up from school and we went to Mr Hamburger for milkshakes. Later we went to a movie called Pitch Perfect. In the car on the way home we started our own A cappella group. The fun has begun, they are quite an entertaining bunch.

The garden here is awesome and I am glad to be home with my sisters, Mother and Father. Now the work starts... I just have to figure out what to work on. The garden, garage renovation, self improvement...... Or actually posting the poetry I wrote for the Pedal Powered Poet?

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  1. Make some jewelry! I sure your adventures can provide some much needed inspiration!